School Board

As stated in the Board's constitution, the Board's purpose is to "formulate the best possible programs for the spiritual, intellectual, moral and physical development of the children."  The membership of the Board shall consist of the parish priest, the school principal (both ex-officio), six elected members of St. Casimir Parish, and one confirmed member from each of the remaining triparish churches of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Easton and St. John the Baptist in Minnesota Lake.  The board members are elected by registered parishioners of St. Casimir Parish to serve a three-year term. 

This consultative body meets monthly to participate in the decision-making process in designated areas of responsibility including planning, formulating policy, finance, board nomination search, development and process evaluation.  As designated by the Diocese of Winona, the board does NOT act in areas of student discipline, curriculum development, instructional materials, personnel matters, writing regulations and handling grievances.  These matters should be addressed individually to the school principal and/or parish priest as directed in the Parent/Student Handbook and the Employee Handbook.   
The current board members and their contact numbers are as follows:

Role on Board Member Contact Information
Parish Pastor Fr. Matt Fasnacht  507-553-5391
School Principal Mr. Sharwn Kennedy  507-553-5822
Diocese of Winona Superintendant Marsha Stenzel 507-858-1269
St. Casimir Parishioner & Board Chairperson Eric (Ike) Dulas 507-317-4930 
St. Casimir Parishioner    
St. Casimir Parishioner Katy Schmitz 507-553-5961
St. Casimir Parishioner Dana Mutschler 507-317-5527
St. Casimir Parishioner Linda Raimann 507-553-5086
St. Casimir Parishioner    
St. John the Baptist Parishioner & Board Secretary Sarah Oldham 507-462-3156
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parishioner Dean Schimek 507-381-4422