Emergency Closings

Inclement weather clip art SMALLSt. Casimir’s School strives to provide a safe, secure environment for student learning and will do everything in its power to protect the students should a crisis occur. The school has developed a Crisis Plan and Procedures manual which is designed to ensure the safety of all students, teachers and staff in the event of an emergency. Staff members have been trained in and are familiar with the steps outlined in the guide. During any emergency—including a weather-related occurrence—parents are asked to lend their help and cooperation to ensure that all involved work as a team.

In regards to school cancellations for any reason, please be aware that St. Casimir’s School is located within the USC School District and its students participate in the USC Transportation Program. Therefore, if the USC School   District closes school for the day, begins late or lets out early, St. Casimir’s School follows their directive completely. If you hear rumors of a school emergency, please be aware of the following:

  1. Listen to one of the following stations for emergency broadcasts:

     Television KEYC--12
     AM Radio KBEW--1560  
     FM Radio KBEW--98.1  

  2. PLEASE DO NOT TELEPHONE THE SCHOOL. We have very limited phone lines. They must be used to respond to the emergency. While we understand your concern, our first priority is to protect the safety of the students. Also, with limited phone lines or advance warning notice, it is not possible to contact families with updated information.

  3. Stay tuned to the radio and TV stations for updated reports. An additional source of information is the USC School website. It may be reached by going to: www.usc.k12.mn.us.

  4. In most emergencies, your child will remain at the school he or she attends. However, in an emergency that prohibits remaining in the school buildings (such as a broken gas/water main, a fire or sudden loss of heat in bad weather), students and staff will be moved to the school’s alternate site at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Wells. Again, stay tuned to the radio and TV stations for updated reports and information about when and where to pick up your child, including any change in alternate locations. In rare instances, school may be dismissed.

  5. In the event that school is closed and students are to be dismissed for the day, St. Casimir’s School will follow the directives parents provided at the beginning of the year in regards to emergency transportation arrangements for their child. These directives for situations where the bus system is or is not running will supercede any daily written or verbal communication from parents regarding their child’s after school transportation plans for that particular day.