MNSAA Report:

  1. Report Cover Letter
  2. Component One: School Strategic Plan
  3. Component Two: School Improvement Communication
  4. Component Three: Monitoring Learner Progress

Emergency & School Closing Information:

In regards to emergency school cancellations for any reason (including weather-related events), please be aware that St. Casimir's School is located within the USC Public School District and SCS students participate in the USC Transportation Program. Therefore, if USC closes school for the day, begins late or lets out early, SCS follows their directive completely. If you hear rumors of a school emergency, please tune into the following stations for emergency broadcasts:

Television: KEYC--12
AM Radio: KBEW--1560
FM Radio: KBEW--98.1

For more information, please go to the "Emergency Closing" tab on this site's home page.

Health/Medication Information:

St. Casimir's School makes every attempt to provide our students with a safe and healthy atmosphere in which to learn. In order to do so, the School follows the State of Minnesota recommended "24 Hour No Vomit/No Fever Rule". In order to keep illnesses to a minimum among our school children, an ill child must be kept home for 24 hours after the last episode of vomiting or fever has passed. St. Casimir's School also follows the guidelines for prescription and over-the-counter medication for full-time kindergarten through eighth grades students as provided below. If medication needs to be administered during the school day, please have your child's physician complete the required medication form and return it to school following the stated guidelines. Thank you for your help in ensuring a healthy school community for all involved!

St. Casimir's School Medication Guidelines

Minnesota K-12 Education Credit:

Minnesota offers this program for families with children in kindergarten through twelfth grade. If a family meets the eligibility requirements for the credit, they may qualify for a tax refund. To find out more, please click the links below: